Welcome to Gnomelands – A Happy Place

This website is for the gnomes – all of them. They make people smile. And people who like gnomes are happy people.

Welcome to Gnomelands.com, a community of little people who have lived in our gardens for more than 150 years.Gnomes first appeared in the nineteenth century European folklore as wizened dwarfs who brought good fortune to the home, and it was not until the 1930s that they acquired their friendly colourful appearance. From then on, gnomes have travelled the world and won much affection, becoming prized and decorated objects.

Gnomelands - A Happy Place

This website celebrates them in all their guises, from the cheeky garden gnome to the post card –sending travellerto Fred the desert gnome, not forgetting the Elton John gnome and, of course, the rude ones. Gnomes are ‘so out there, they’re in’ again.

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