A Gnome Goes To War

Gnomelands sends gnomes to many countries around the world, so were delighted when an email was received from the soldiers of the Light Infantry serving as a force protection company with the British Army in the Helmund province, Afghanistan. They said that as a recreational past time they were building a garden in their desert camp and thought that a gnome would be a cheerful feature to add to it. They had discussed which gnome they should have and although there were a number of the lads who would like to have seen one of “The Babes” there, they had finally decided that a traditional gnome for the garden’s water feature would be more appropriate. So Fred the Fisherman was ordered.

Fred was drafted by Gnomelands. He was well protected with bubble wrap and polystyrene and placed in a sturdy brown box. He was sent via Royal Air Force Brize Norton in Oxfordshire on his long journey east.

Fred arrives safely in Afghanistan a few days later, but before he could take up his station in the garden, he found himself on active service!

Christmas was then not far away so, as a surprise for the lads, Hot Lips, one of ‘The babes’ flew out to join Fred.

Hot lips

Hot lips, just before she left for Afganistan to cheer up the boys

Fred the Gnome on Duty

Brave Fred takes his turn at guard on duty

This is an extract from our book entitled “gnomeland and introduction to the little people” which is available from our shop here.

What's left of the Modbury Gnome