Our Story

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Once upon a time, long ago, in a city called Bradford, there was a girl who spent her time making plaster casts of snow white’s seven dwarfs. Her name was Margaret Egleton and when she grew up she created a website (www.gnomelands.com) in order to practise her newly learned website design skills. This website became the centre of the gnome fraternity, attracting stories and photographs from all over the world. Margaret began selling gnomes in 2005, the first to Florida and then Montana and she became known to her parcel depot as The Gnome Lady.

As Gnomelands.com grew her 2 daughters were soon involved. They have supported the production of a book ‘Gnomeland, An introduction to the little people’ and have sent gnomes to new homes around the world, packing them in their cosy ‘sleeping bags’ for safe delivery.

It is now well and truly a family business!

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