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Dad's Army Bobblehead Buddies - Captain Mainwaring

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Theme: Vehicle
Brand: Dad's Army
Colour: Multicolor
Style: Captain Mainwaring
Occasion: Birthday

For those of us who can't get enough of this funny comedy, we can now display our devotion to the series by purchasing bobbleheads that include characters from the show.
This is the pretentious, but fundamentally courageous and unflinchingly patriotic local bank boss Captain Mainwaring.
You are aware that they will look fantastic either on the shelf of a collector or in the hands of a youngster who enjoys playing with bobbleheads, regardless of which option you decide to go with.
We strongly advise placing it on the dashboard of your vehicle so that the figure can glare at you and give you a disapproving nod each time you start the engine. Start your collection of Dad's Army bobble heads as soon as today by purchasing one for yourself.