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Rayodesol Solar Flame Torch Lights Outdoor, Decorative Pack of 1 pcs Each 96 LED Lamp with Dancing Flames Torches Landscape, Waterproof Outdoors Garden Patio Deck Decorations Lighting with Auto On/Off

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Style: Garden
Brand: Rayodesol
Colour: Solar Torchess-1
Special feature: Waterproof
Light source type: LED

πŸ‘ Ideal For Types Of Occasions - The solar led lights are in a package that contains 1 lights. They are a perfect candidate to be used to add a decorative flicker touch to your home, garden, lawn, yard, pool, camping or even outdoor events inclusive of Christmas or Halloween events. They will add a festive feel to your event by adding a glow.
πŸ‘ Flame Light- 3 modes of operation. This is a safe alternative that can be used in place of a flame light due to the fact that it is made using LED lights. The luminosity is not too high and as such the light is not too bright. This will ultimately make the environment more romantic.
πŸ‘ Protect The Environment - Instead of using rechargeable batteries it uses solar energy to charge itself. It stores solar energy all day and then by dusk it can be used to cast a soft and pleasant light in its surroundings. It takes up to 8 hours to be fully charged, which is done during the day. It is equipped with a built-in Li-ion battery- up to 2200 mAh. This in turn can last up to 20 hours during summer or 10 hours during the winter once it was fully charged.
βœ… Easy To Install - The flashlights are not only flexible but also easy to install. The torch is wireless which makes it less messy. You can use it on the beach, on the lawn, in the walkway or to enhance a romantic light by using it as a torchlight.
βœ… Long Lighting Hours- It can be used for lengthy periods of time thanks to the built in rechargeable Li-ion battery which has a capacity of 2200mAh. The charging time lasts between 5-8 hours. After being fully charged it can work up to 10 hours.