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Sweet Gnomes: A Coloring Book for Kids

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This book was designed for anyone with a sweet tooth and a touch of whimsy. It is full of cute gnomes and their favorite desserts. It would make a great gift for someone who loves large designs and happy themes.

-26 Coloring and Creative Prompt Pages

- Single Sided Design Pages with Quality Control Pages in between - Reduced marker bleed through and ability to display designs without loosing an uncolored page!
-Variety of Unique Designs that Combine Cute Gnomes with Sweet Deserts, Creative Drawing Pages, and Dessert Mash Ups
- Age Appropriate for Elementary Children 5-9 years but suitable for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love of coloring
- Large Formatting (8.5x11)

Coloring helps boost creativity and the use of imagination! If you or someone you know loves sweet treats, cute gnomes and relaxing doodling then order your copy today! Smiles Guaranteed!

About the Author:
Malin is a freelancing artist and happy, hippie Mama. Her life mantra is "kind thoughts, kind words, and kind intentions, for ourselves and others." Her art style is whimsical and full of fun. Parenting her two daughters motivated her to start developing books that spark creativity and self acceptance. She aims to produce quality designs that bring many happy moments to others.

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