De Rosa Rinconada Unicorn Figurine

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Theme: Animal
Brand: De Rosa Rinconada
Colour: Gold
Material: Ceramic
Occasion: Birthday

Each De Rosa Rinconada figurine is carved by hand; no two subjects are ever carved exactly the same.The figurines are hand-painted with a colorful variety of ceramic slips and bright enamel glazes, then accented with platinum and 18/24 karat gold.
The cleaning, handling, storage, and in general treatment of ceramics is consistent as a glass. Storing objects near windows, heaters, fireplaces, and exterior walls can create an unstable environment with high temperature and humidity fluctuation and increase potential for damages.
The figurines presented in an original De Rosa box, what would make an unique gift. The lovely figurines are perfect for home decor or collectible for any occasion! The De Rosa figurines makes a memorable and very cute gift to your friends or family!
Size: 23x29cm