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Eye catching Free Standing Stately Elephant with Baby Calf Decorative Ornament | Elephant Ornaments | Home Accessory Gift | Living Room | Wildlife Animal

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Theme: Animal,Animals
Brand: Thorness
Colour: Brown
Style: Contemporary
Material: Resin

This EYE-CATCHING free-standing CENTREPIECE ELEPHANT ORNAMENT will be sure to capture the imagination of both artists and art admirers alike, an enchanting and beautifully detailed representation of Africa's gentle giant with her baby
In the centre of the display is a GRACEFUL ELPEHANT with her BABY CALF, it will make a great addition to any home. Perfect for a contemporary home that wants to create a wildlife inspired rustic feel with their decor.
This will make a great gift for any fan of WILDLIFE ANIMALS, a beautiful striking elephant ornament for the home that creates an emphatic decorative accent in any room and is a must for all elephant collectors.
Carefully cast in resin from a handmade clay mould with a WOOD LOG EFFECT DETAIL surrounding the display, a statement ornament for your mantlepiece or fire hearth that will equally look at home in your living room, lounge, or conservatory.
The Elephant family ornament measures 18.5cm (L) x 12cm (H) | 7.25 inches (W) x 4.75 inches (H)