Gnome Perpetual Calendar: Event Planer To Record Anniversaries And Important Dates - Everlasting Calender Book

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Gnome Perpetual Calendar

You're looking for a practical calendar for not only one year?

Check out this perpetual calendar with 120 pre-printed pages!

This planer is ideal to write down recurring dates, such as birthdays and other anniversaries clearly and always have them at hand.

★There is one calendar week per page. In addition, each calendar week is available twice, on the one hand to enter birthdays and on the other hand for other anniversaries.

★For each day there are 4 line available to enter appointments and make notes.

★The calendar book does not contain year numbers and is therefore year-independent and perpetual.

★Numbered pages also provide a good overview.

★Our perpetual calendar finally puts an end to forgotten birthdays and other anniversaries. No cumbersome transfer of dates to a new calendar at the beginning of the year, because this calendar is perpetual for several years.

The planner has the format 6" x 9" and is therefore a handy companion also for on the road.

Grab your perpetual calendar now!