Gnomelands the book

Gnomelands the book

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Our very own book ...a full introduction to garden gnomes 

A colorful celebration of the little people who have decorated gardens and lawns for more than 150 years.

Love them or hate them, garden gnomes are the kings of garden kitsch and the objects of their collectors' undying devotion. Gnomeland includes hundreds of color photographs and illustrations of these wizened folk in all their guises, from the garden gnome, to the postcard sending traveling gnome, to the George Bush gnome.

Margaret Egleton covers all commonly known things gnome, and then some. In fact, it's downright surprising (shocking, to many) just how far and wide gnomes have multiplied and spread. But as readers will see, gnomes have been having a grand old time on their journey to global popularity.

Some of the features of the book include:

  • A world of gnomes (folklore, the first garden gnome, Disney-like gnomes)
  • The gnome makers
  • Great gnome collections
  • Gnome adventures (world travels, mysterious disappearances, conventions and protests)
  • Gnome art (postcards, pottery, cartoons and more)
  • The modern gnome (caricatures, blogs, new designs).

Gnomes have been restored to their rightful place of kitsch honor, and their fans are legion. Gnomeland is an affectionate and amusing celebration of these beloved creatures.