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KOOPER Solar Lights Replacement Top 8 cm, 800mAh Solar Garden Lights Panel with Warm and White LED Light, Waterproof Garden Lights Solar Powered Replacement Top for Solar Garden Patio Decor (2PCS)

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  • 8cm replacement top in warm/white for solar garden lights: Solar lights replacement top has a diameter of 7.3-7.9cm and is suitable for most outdoor garden solar lights on the market with an opening diameter of 7.5-7.9cm. The built-in 800mAh battery is 33.33% higher than other products and provides super long working time.
  • High-quality LEDs: Available in white and warm colours for your option of light. Two high quality LED bulbs provide greater brightness of light. Use The Solar Replacement Top to replace damaged/dull solar lanterns, or make your own unique outdoor solar lantern for you and your family!
  • High conversion rate: Monocrystalline solar panels have a 32% higher conversion rate of light to electricity than polycrystalline solar panels with a smooth surface. The higher conversion rate shortens the charging time, so our solar lamps Replacement Top can be equipped with large capacity batteries. 800 mAh batteries can be fully charged in the same time.
  • 10-12h working time: Toggle the switch to the left to select white light and to the right to select warm light. Equipped with high quality LEDs and an 800mAh battery, the solar light spare can operate continuously for 10-12 hours after 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Auto on/off: If you place the outdoor solar garden lights in a shadeless place, it can charge automatically during the day. When it is night, the product will work automatically and bring a beautiful decoration to your garden. With IP65 water resistance, the spare part will work perfectly in any extreme weather.
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