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Awarded Ukiyoto Fiction - Top 30 Books to Look out for in 2022.
Nine times on UK and four times on USA Amazon Bestseller list.
In United Kingdom, SANDS book ranked 3rd bestseller under contemporary poetry. The book ranked 4th bestseller on Amazon USA, 7th bestseller on Amazon Australia and 49th bestseller on Amazon India.

SANDS is a groundbreaking collection of
poetry and contemporary fairytales that grounds and amplifies the experience of love in its innocence and mischief.

Daydream of what love could be, travel through the melancholy of what should have been and arrive at the reality of what it is.

SANDS is a message-in-a-bottle. It slips into your conscience, teasing it with the hope of love.

There is a palpable connection between the waves teasing the sands and the experience of love. The connection to the earth element runs afire to ASHES celebrating alchemy through growth.

Offers unique imagery and beautiful rhyme through a brilliantly crafted amalgamation of astronomy, art, philosophy, literature and wide-ranging topics. SANDS leaves you with rose-tinted glasses.

Dr. Aashna Gill's prize-winning poem 'The Descent into Madness' can be cherished in this book.

Each poem has a unique artwork that engages you with a combined visual and reading delight.

This book is a perfect romantic gift .