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Summer Gnomes Coloring Book: 50 Unique Designs Featuring a Collection of Gnomes and Relaxing Summer Scenes with Sunny Beaches, Beautiful Shells, and More!

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Unique this Awesome Summer Gnome Coloring book to color the adorable gnome with Summer patterns and holiday Beach Gnomes .

This Summer Gnomes Coloring Book Features:

◆8.5 x 11 coloring book
◆Cute variety of gnome Summer pages
◆One-sided coloring page helps to prevent bleed-through
◆Printed on bright white, heavy-duty paper
◆50 original designs
◆Soft Glossy Cover
◆100 Pages

Summer Gnomes coloring book welcomes you into a relaxing, stress relieving world where you can let your coloring imagination run wild.

A Great Gift for loving child !!!
◆Birthday gift
◆Graduation gift
◆Christmas gift
◆Get Well gift
◆Halloween gift
◆Thanksgiving gift
◆First day of School gift
◆And so much more!

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