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The Garden of Gassy Gnomes: A Funny Rhyming Fart Book For Kids, A Read Aloud Story Book about Farting Gnomes and Gardening Fun for Children: 3 (Funny Fart Books for Kids - Tooting Tales)

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Kids will love this funny rhyming story about gnomes who come to life at night in a kids garden and start tooting!

Emma and Sam have a great little garden growing. But one day, gnomes show up and start farting all over their plants! Emma and Sam try to get the gnomes to stop with hilarious results
Kids will love finding out how Emma and Sam finally work out their problems with the farting gnomes! They will also learn a bit about gardening and bugs along the way.

Hilarious read aloud story will delight toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, or children to read by themselves.
Parents and kids will laugh and smile as they read about the farting gnomes tooting fun adventure!

Perfect for:
  • For kids who love gnomes.
  • kids who think farts are funny
  • everyone who loves a silly story
  • a funny Spring book for toddlers
  • a funny book for kids ages 2-4, 4-8
  • as a silly birthday present
  • funny gardening books
  • garden story for kids

    Boys and Girls will have fun finding out how the gnomes and the children learn how to work together to grow the best garden!!